About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Leland and I travel the world in my spare time. I have toured England, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, New Zealand, and many other countries. I have cruised the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and Alaska just to name a few. I have put marrying on the back burner, preferring instead to share my travels with my parents and my siblings. I have a degree in environmental studies and I enjoy hobbies centered around green technology and eco-awareness. I find it truly fascinating that there are still people unaware of the risks in the use of petroleum and other common products such as soda can six pack rings.

In two weeks I will be visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time. My elderly parents will be along and we look forward to the first glimpse of the canyon after the trek into the woodland area that surrounds the areas that visitors use to reach the edge. After the canyon and possibly a mule ride down to the bottom to get a better look, I am taking my parents to the Painted Desert and petrified Forest. I hope to gain insight into what scientists have learned from studying the petrified forest and the digs of the Indian burial sites being studied in the surrounding areas.

Next October I am considering going with my brother and sister to see Niagara Falls. I want to see the falls before and after the annual freeze. I have heard stories of when the falls thaw and I just may have time to witness it this year. My siblings have seen it several times and tell me that the view from the Canadian side tends to be more spectacular. All three of us look forward to the Maids of the Mist boat ride that we have heard is an unforgettable life experience. If these are things that interest you too, please follow my blog and comment or participate when you can. And again, welcome

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