when to visit iceland

The best time to visit Iceland will depend upon what people really want to see. Many people are going to want to go to Iceland in order to see the Northern Lights. For these people, it’s a good idea to travel to Iceland between the months of September and March.

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Naturally, people are going to have to deal with the colder weather in Iceland during those months, but if they’re careful to go to Iceland in September or in March, it’s going to be that much easier for them to get the best of both worlds. People who want to see the Northern lights very clearly on particularly dark nights are encouraged to visit in late November through January, which will really allow the Northern lights to stand out for people. This link will tell you more on Iceland in winter.


Some people are curious about the midnight sun of Iceland. These people are going to have to visit Iceland in June or July. They’ll be bathed in the Arctic light until around the month of August. Iceland is going to have the advantage of being fairly warm during this point in time, at least relatively, and people really can party all night long.

Iceland is a great place to go whale watching in order to see killer whales, but given the migratory patterns of the whales, people are going to need to wait for February or March in order to catch glimpses of the whales around the Icelandic coastline. There are no guarantees when it comes to whale watching, but there are moments where whale watching will be much more likely.

People who really want to see everything might feel as if there is no best time to travel to Iceland. They might feel that all of these attractions are good in their own way. There is almost always going to be something great to see in the unique climate of Iceland.

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